1. How did you first hear about the scholarship?

I was so stressed that time, when I finally decided to have a walk in the campus. I passed by the b.a office & decided to go inside just to say hi to my kind professors & school administrators.  Our college secretary, asked me to call my friend for an interview, & she said that it was for a scholarship. It was the very first time I heard of that & I tell her & the dean that I really want to join apply.

2. Describe your first encounter with Paul John and Jennifer Sardoma.

My first encounter with Mr. Paul & Ms. Jen was really really fun. At  first, I was a bit nervous, but  I never imagined that they were so cool. They were so kind & what I love & admire about them is their relationship with God & how they taught their kids to love GOD first. It wasn’t an ordinary scholarship interview for me. No pressure. I just have to be myself. During that time, I was relieved of all my stress. It was an inspirational yet a professional cool talk.J

3. First thing you thought of when you were told you were chosen as our scholar?

At first, I really can’t believe it but deep within there’s a voice saying, “I am so BLESSED.” Im very very glad. I was  full of joy. I was so thankful to the Lord & of course with the Sardomas'. For so many times, I have been praying for a scholarship outside the campus, and definitely it was an answered prayer.

4. How will the scholarship help you in your studies?

The scholarship will help me in my studies, Of course, financially  It will help me to ease the burden of paying for  the tuition fees & all.  It was indeed a lifeline! And it will motivate me to dream & to study hard just like Mr. Pelagio S. Sardoma, Jr. & not waste this huge blessing that I received.

5. Final thoughts on the whole journey from application to interview to awarding of scholarship. 

From the application, to interview & to the awarding ,I believe, it was grace, it was all because of God’s grace, I know it was His munificent bequest, for He always provides. It was really awesome! For me, it was divine. I never thought in my whole life, that I would meet extraordinary people from the corporate world, that will extend their hearts to help & to give. I was really amazed how did this happen & how did it all came to be. I really appreciated it. A lot! I was so thankful in this whole journey, that there are people, whose genuine hearts, believed in me that I can be a scholar & also for giving me hope to the best of my future. Truly there is real hope in the Sardoma Hope Scholarship! :)

The Sardoma Hope Scholarship Application

Application period to begin Jan. 20, 2015

The Sardoma Group

Romina Roque, CPA 2012-2013

Dohannah Bagona, CPA 2012-2013

Anna Marie Carlos, CPA 2012-2013

Hope Scholarship Grand Recipients

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Karen Grace Punsalan, CPA 2013-2014

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Paul John Sardoma

1.  How did you first hear about the scholarship?

I learned about the scholarship from the Admissions Office thru the paper distributed to us when I was a 4th year student in UE Manila.

2. Describe your first encouter with Paul John and Jennifer Sardoma.

At first, I felt very nervous because I knew that they were very important and well known personalities in the industry. But when our conversation started, they made me feel comfortable to talk to them. It is like i was just talking to my friends. I didn't feel any tension while talking with them.

3. First thing you thought of when you were told you were chosen as our scholar?

When I learned that I was the one chosen for the scholarship, I was very happy and I felt a bit pressured at the same time. Because of the scholarship, i knew that it will help me a lot with the things i need in my studies. Also, I knew then that they believe in my capabilities and I don't want to disappoint them.  

4. How did the scholarship help you in your studies?

It helped me a lot. I was able to buy the books and materials that I needed during my 5th year in UE. And most specially, because of the money I received from the scholarship, I was able to enroll in a review center where i am currently reviewing for the board exams this coming october.

5. Final thoughts on the whole journey from application to interview to awarding of scholarship.

The whole application in the scholarship taught me that I can get what I want just by being myself and not by impressing others. Mr. Sardoma and his wife made me feel that I will be a SOMEBODY in the future. I am very blessed to have met persons like them that are willing to help other people. Thank you.